From the Director

Ernie Luongo has a deep understanding of soccer and child sports development with over 25 years of experience.


Qualifications include:

  • Associate Diploma in Social Sciences (Child Care)

  • Over 15 years of employment within Early Learning Centres and Preschool – Junior School Classrooms

  • Current A Coaching License – Asian Confederation License

Past playing and coaching experiences include:

  • National Soccer League playing experience (Adelaide City)

  • Super League – Senior Coaching  experience (Croydon Kings and Metrostars Football Club)

  • Senior Womens Soccer League - Coaching (Sturt Marion)

  • Senior Roles and State Representation for all age groups

  • Overseas playing experience in Italy with Avellino and Benevento

  • Overseas coaching – Training camps in America (Los Angeles) and Canada (Toronto)

My ambition is to share my knowledge of soccer and motivate young people to participate in sporting activities.

Current roles
Metrostars Soccer Club - Football Director - Implementing Football Development for Coaches and players. To reinforce Football National Curriculums from Football Australia.
Blackfriars Priory School - Soccer / Football Director - Teaching Soccer and National Football Curriculums and pathways.  Football learning modules - theory and practical lessons from ages -  (Early Learning Centre students) - Junior to Senior school students.
Mercedes College - Soccer Co-ordinator Junior School - Player Skills Soccer and Sports Program / Coaching Development. Technical and Tactical Development for all ages and levels within Junior school at Mercedes College.